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Not surprisingly, the Dorton Group put a great deal of emphasis on the three R’s. Reclamation, Re-use and Recycling and whilst the first two are ably dealt with at our Burgess Hill depot the recycling of secondary aggregates, timber and other building products is shared around the regions where ever our sites are located. In fact, we pride ourselves on selecting and delivering to local markets within close proximity to our work to save on transport movements, energy, carbon and fuel use.


Timber products can often be difficult to dispose of because they tend to bulk up and merchants can only store so much at a time. At Dorton Group we have negotiated with major suppliers of chipped, shredded and mulched materials as well as waste for energy outlets to take our surplus materials where ever we are in the UK.

Other products such as plasterboard, plastics, paper, cardboard etc is dispatched to local waste transfer or material recycling facilities for re-processing and moving along the utility chain towards making new products.

Scrap metals, both ferrous and non ferrous are routinely separated at source and dispatched for smelting at local furnaces and plants.

The really heavy and bulky materials, i.e. secondary aggregates make up the greater part of the materials trail and whilst this market is often saturated at certain times of the year, Dorton Group ensure that the demolition process is strictly controlled to produce as clean an aggregate as is practically possible. Doing this helps to make the processing of those materials as efficient as it can be and this is something that happens on a daily basis on all our sites no matter where we are operating. In addition, if requested or where we can convince our client of the value in keeping the materials on site, we crush, screen and stockpile for re-use, thus saving on transport, energy and carbon usage.


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We have worked on projects with Dorton Demolition since the early 1990's and can recommend them most highly.

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