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In today's fast moving and innovative market place, management of the environment and sustainable development are two of the most crucial considerations. Sustainable development is the key to maintaining resource efficiency especially in relation to the production, handling and re-use of demolition orientated materials.

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The UK government's target for CandD waste recycling is for a 50% increase in efficiency by 2012 and the elimination of landfill by 2020. The Dorton Group recognises that separation at source is vital to ensuring a robust and efficient waste management policy. Recycling targets regularly reach 95% for all materials by weight but this needs to be converted to volume, where materials such as timber, paper and plastics etc are below targeted expectations.

The Dorton Group has plans to open a waste transfer and recycling centre to compliment its present environmental and waste management services. This facility shall be available to third parties and will encompass all aspects of the latest technology in waste handling, processing and disposal.

The Dorton Group can provide or assist clients to carry out the relevant environmental surveys for all operational requirements concerning matters of the environment. These surveys can detail the following: aspects and impacts; noise and vibration; dust or fibre release; ecology, flora and fauna; water, air and soil quality; contaminated materials sampling; asbestos survey and sampling; UKAS accredited monitoring; waste handling and disposal and bird/animal droppings etc.

The Group can also produce environmental management plans and site waste management plans as required.


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Dorton demolition undertook the work with careful consideration, giving due regard to the adjacent property owners, the general public and the high volume of traffic.

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