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The abolition of Site Waste Management Plans

Government scraps SWMPs following a short consultation period; changes came into effect on 1 December 2013.

After a short consultation period that ran from June 2013 to July 2013 the Government, as part of the 'Defra red tape challenge', decided that SWMPs were no longer viable or necessary and that from 1st December 2013 they were to be abolished.


The survey itself revealed that 49% were for the repeal of the regulations and 49% were not, but interestingly 83% admitted that they would continue to use some form of tool to record and manage their waste on site.

Other factors influencing the decision to repeal were the poor policing record of the regulations by the enforcing authorities and the £300,000 threshold which was brought in to cut fly tipping. Most instances of fly tipping were found to occur in projects of a value much less than that sum and therefore had little if no influence at all.

Interestingly though, the devolved Government in Wales is actually looking to introduce site waste management plans, sending a very confused message and showing that there doesn't appear to be any joined up Government thinking in this area. The Westminster Government's response is that the repeal of the regulations will save UK Industry £3.9M in reduced administration costs.

As a responsible contractor and concerned Environmentalist, Dorton Group will continue to use the format for SWMPs to record and monitor all waste processes. Our template for this closely mirrors that of the Environment Agency and WRAP as shown below;


Figure 1: Waste Hierarchy





Figure 2: 9 Steps to Managing your Waste (Environment Agency)




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