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Safe, healthy and sustainable demolition by Terance Quarmby

This is a book written by an industry practitioner for the demolition industry. It pulls few punches and targets the good as well as the bad practices that at times are all too common.

51tCFnwDJHLReaders of this book however, will also be taken on a journey of discovery as the author informs how and why demolition methodology and the use of certain types of plant and equipment are critical to ensuring cost effective and safe demolition practices. It’s not a book that concentrates purely on the safety aspect, although this is a crucial ingredient, it delves deeper into the socio/economic reasons for both the failures and the successes shown by the industry and for the first time provides the evidence that demolition contractors are better aligned with the waste industry than they are with construction.

This is a must read for all exponents of demolition and those who need to understand how the industry works.

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